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What is an e cigarette?
An e cigarette generally consists of a battery, a tank for ejuice and a coil (AKA clearomizer) to turn the juice into a vapour to be inhaled.

What is included in a e cigarette starter kit?
An e cigarette kit can include many extras such as spare batteries, coils but will always include the basic parts of the e cigarette and a charger which will could either be a USB charger or wall charger or both.

How do I know that my e cigarette starter kit is genuine?
If you have purchased your e cigarette starter kit from us (Vape Industries) then you can be assured you are purchasing a genuine product however you can also scratch the panel on the box of your kit and then enter this at the relevant manufacturers website (Kanger Tech, Aspire or Innokin).

How do I fill my e cigarette with ejuice?
The clearomizer or tank on your e cigarette will be either bottom or top filled and can be accessed by either unscrewing the top or unscrewing the clearomizer from the battery. Be careful when refilling to avoid any spillages and keep a tissue handy just in case you get any ejuice on the outside of your e cigarette.

What does variable voltage/wattage mean?
Many of our e cigarette’s allow you to alter the voltage and/or wattage, this gives you control over the amount of vapor you get in each vape, the higher the voltage/wattage the more vapour you will inhale.

How long does a coil last?
This varies greatly depending on the coil and the amount you vape, the key thing to remember is to change it as soon as you get any burnt flavour when you vape or if the colour of your e liquid darkens greatly when you fill up your tank. Coil life can be extended if you wash it but always dry it out completely before re-using (a hairdryer is ideal for drying your coils quickly)

Are clearomizers/tanks interchangeable?
Yes, generally you can use different tanks on different batteries as the manufacturers use a standard 510 or eGo thread.



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